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my bf has been away for three days.
normally i wouldnt really bat an eyelid. he sometimes has shifts which mean i dont really see him till the weekend.
but it feels more empty here because i know. i know that he is not an hour away at work. he is not in the country. he is not in europe.
he is on the other side of the world.
i was really unhappy when t.a. decided to get him over to canada. i was really upset the night before he left. he didnt really want to go and i went to sleep quite tearful.
as the days clock through im finding that i am coping ok. work is well and truely keeping me occupied. verging on stressed there is very little else that i am finding time for right now.
i have been left in charge of a store for three weeks and it has definately been a learning curve.
a year ago i wouldnt have dreamed of trying to motivate a team of eight but i somehow seem to be managing.
the store has changed so much since being taken over by another company at the beginning of the year. every day i come in and something has changed, theres one more piece of paperwork to do, there are windows to install with manaquins that like to fall apart (dont ask - the bane of my life) and moody staff.
but in my heart of hearts, although i stress and curse and hate my way through the day, i can feel my body aching. like i am growing, pain stakingly.
like every obstacle overturned is a mile stone. like every small triumph makes things a little easier.
although i am left in an empty house with only myself for company, the growing is a GOOD thing.


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Posted on 05:14PM on Nov 19th, 2012
don't you guys talk on the phone. you should call him. and if you have skype and he has time at night; talk to each other. I hope his business is short, so you guys can be together.
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