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Dear Mr. Area Manager,

Do you think I enjoying running a shop for 30p more than my sales assistants get?
Do you think its fair to take my manager and plonk him in another store, further away from his home where he doesnt know how long he has to be there for? Meanwhile, I'm trying to juggle things here. Deliveries not arriving, staff throwing tantrums and not turning up.
Our sales are bad? I wonder why!
How dare you humilate one of the supervisors in a meeting having to make himself explain why we are doing badly. I think you KNOW why we are doing badly.
I have no experience running a store for this length of time. Only knowing at the end of the week that my manager will be away for ANOTHER week.
What an utter joke.
You wonder why everyone is leaving? Maybe its because this business fails to treat its employees like human beings.


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